Belvedere Hotel New York

The most populous city in the United States is also one of the most advanced cities in the world. A New York City hotel is definitely one of the busiest in the world. As the cultural capital of the world and center of international affairs, hotels in New York cater to a complex variety of people and culture each day. Belvedere Hotel New York is a structure located at 319 West 48th Street. The location was great because it is just a short distance away from Broadway.

With its proximity to historic landmarks, world-renowned theaters of Broadway, and luxuries of the modern world, the Belvedere is the jewel of 48th street. It is hard to believe that enticing Manhattan vacation packages are being offered in this bustling urban center. For the busy traveler, a relaxing retreat is always accessible at this elegant New York City hotel. The spacious rooms that have a bathtub with shower bar is just one of the common features of every room, may it be a double executive room or deluxe king room.

As a boutique hotel with 334 Deluxe and Executive guestrooms, the Belvedere offers luxurious hotel accommodations with a great location. These magnificent features are:

  • The Executive room has amenities that characterize high technology and classic elegance wherein the granite bathroom has been complimented with hair dryer and bathtub. The coffeemaker custom designed nightstand can be enjoyed while working on a laptop with wireless high speed internet. The kitchenette with microwave provides guests a chance to enjoy hot meals whenever they want to.
  • The modern fitness center is complete with high technology fitness equipment like cross trainers, stair climbers, and recumbent bikes. Fitness instructors are always on a stand by for training guests who like assistance.
  • Special occasions, business meetings, and training seminars can be hosted at the 1,600 sq ft of allocated meeting space.
  • Lunch and dinner are available at Churrascaria Plataforma steakhouse with a Brazilian style setting.
  • Movies and Nintendo game consoles are provided as electronic media entertainment in the rooms, as well as television with digital cable.

The Edge

Belvedere prides itself with service-oriented and friendly staff. Guests will not have a hard time getting transportation, theater tickets, or restaurant reservations. All these functions are smoothly handled by the hotel’s professional full-service concierge representatives. First-time visitors of New York City will not feel lost and be at ease, especially within the Manhattan area.

Its prime location is the magnet of Belvedere hotel New York, wherein historic landmarks like the Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Museum of Modern Art are just a few blocks away. Other New York attractions are also within walking distance like The Fifth Avenue shopping galore, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center.

Room service is being offered in the guestrooms, but visitors have the option to enjoy American or Continental breakfast buffet at Belvedere Café. Moreover, lunch and dinner can be reserved at the Churrascaria Plataforma where master cooks prepare fine meats like lamb, pork and beef. An assortment of wine is also available to accompany the meals as well as other Brazilian delights.

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For the Busy Bee

All types of meetings and gatherings happen in New York throughout the year. The Belvedere has a 900 sq ft with a long executive table and cozy plush chairs. The essentials for a business meeting are perfectly in place like audio-visual equipment, high-speed internet access, as well as specialty food and beverages to sustain the participants. Two meeting rooms are also provided as seminar and training rooms for various clients from the surrounding commercial and corporate establishments. Business executives from other parts of the country and the world who stay in the Belvedere can have access to personal computers with Wi-Fi connectivity and cordless speakerphones. For a minimal fee, these and other services like fax and printing are just a step away.

For the business traveler, it’s not all business as usual. If other hotels strive to satisfy guests under their roof, Belvedere Hotel New York has the whole of New York City as its main attraction. Shopping, dining, entertainment, and leisure are part of what every Belvedere visitor will feel and experience.


The whole of New York City is enough to satisfy even the dullest soul, but you definitely can not please them all. There were visitors who found the sirens from a nearby fire house annoying. Some have some issues with unfriendly staff that did not give them the kind of hospitality and assistance they expected. The heart of the issue was check-in time, which starts at 4 P.M.

However, these are only minor complaints compared to hotel guests who had a great time. They were fascinated by the spacious rooms for a hotel in Manhattan. They were impressed with Belvedere’s location which is perfect for people who like to explore the city on foot. In contrasts to other guest’s feedbacks, they found the staff who served them to be polite and friendly.

For a short stay in New York City, Belvedere should be on the top 5 list of hotels that should be considered. For guests who can afford the attractions that Manhattan has to offer, it would be just fine to stay longer. If time is of the essence for a tourist or a businessmen, the hotel’s location and on time service would be of precious help.


Meeting and seminar rooms are of crucial value in places like New York City. These amenities are just a portion of Belvedere’s sophistication. Its location is the envy of other hotels in the same category. The ambiance and professionalism of hotel services should complete the whole package of Belvedere’s competitiveness in the heart of Manhattan. BOOK IT AT THE BEST PRICE NOW!

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